Express freight delivery services

In Moscow US Trans offers express freight delivery services and customs clearance handled in a professional and secure way. Nowadays, in Russia there are a lot of companies interested in freight transportation to various countries and locations. Many of them are our clients. Choosing our services, you won't need to worry about transportation, paperwork, border and customs controls and other similar questions. Our experienced specialists will take care of this, delivering the best results to the clients.

Express delivery, customs clearance: services at attractive rate

Clients are always interested in collaboration with us, as we offer the best possible conditions for everybody:

  • Transportation at any distance by all transport means: air, rail, ocean, road
  • Such services as freight delivery, especially urgent one, customs clearance, should always be handled with security. Whether we are managing your goods, you can be sure of its security, every item is handled with responsibility of the highest level
  • Personalized approach: we always recommend a client the best type of transportation and itinerary. It makes client feel our experts' attention and interest in achieving excellent results
  • One more advantage of collaboration with US Trans is attractive transportation rates. We have our own transport fleet, so we can partially reduce transportation costs and we are happy to offer our clients lower rates.

Our qualified experts are always ready to help you to solve business issues and are happy to answer your questions by telephone or in person.

US Trans - The company you can trust

For the enterprises that are interested in regular forwarding operations, it is important to have a reliable operator that is able to successfully handle issues of any difficulty. US Trans will become your operator in Moscow. Coming to us once, you will appreciate the serious approach of our experts that strictly follow contract conditions.