Freight consolidation services: transportation and delivery

Consolidated freights delivery from Europe is an important and demanding task that should only be handled by professionals. US Trans Company has a 10 years' experience in this field - our experts have great knowledge of the subject and are always ready to find the best solution for the client. Among the services we provide there are customs clearance of consolidated freights, delivery (Europe), international transportation, complete paperwork management. We take responsibility of all the client's needs, ensuring secure and safe delivery.

Freight delivery from Europe under the best conditions

Our clients appreciate working with us and they always give great recommendations about our collaboration because we guarantee them the best conditions:

  • Multimodal transportations by various transport modes - air, rail, ocean, and road. This method makes itinerary efficient reducing delivery terms and keeping freight costs down
  • There doesn't exist impossible task for us, we are ready for services of any difficulty. All the Western and Eastern European countries are open for us, goods can be delivered to any location
  • Our company has its own fleet of lifting equipment, so we don't need intermediaries. It also allows us to keep costs down and as a consequence we can offer our clients the best possible rates and discounts
  • All orders are processed efficiently as the chain has been worked on for so many times that there are no delays. Freight consolidation services (international transportation) handled by our company are always processed on time. We also offer special express services, when goods are delivered in 2-3 days after a contract is signed. The exact delivery time depends on particular origin-destination points, distance between them and transportation mode chosen.

Personalized approach is a key moment for a solid and long-term collaboration with our clients. We manage every order with attention, offering the best itinerary, the quickest transport mode and affordable rates. Our staff will help your business in Russia and European countries to grow faster because your partner in Moscow is US Trans.


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