Freight customs services

Customs clearance is a set of customs formalities managed by individuals (foreign trade operators, natural persons) and customs authorities in respect of goods and transport means crossing the customs of Russian Federation.

Our company offers services for your freight customs clearance in the territory of Russia.

We handle the entire Russian foreign trade portfolio and depending on cargo type we use personalized approach selecting a procedure and a place for customs brokerage.

Our company provides a complete range of services:

  • customs declaration filling for goods against a guarantee of a customs broker's license
  • management of customs formalities for goods entering Russia for free circulation
  • freight management and customs clearance
  • warehouses for temporary storage
  • customs authorities and customs laboratory permits
  • registration of foreign trade operators, support for preparing letters, declarations and contracts for foreign trade area
  • obtaining necessary documents from certification agencies (permits, sanitary-epidemiological certificates, etc.)
  • consulting services on general and particular customs issues

At your request our customs broker will prepare all the necessary documents (customs declaration, etc.) and will help you with customs clearance.

We prepare a complete set of documents for your freight (Cargo Customs Declaration copy, invoice, delivery contract, certificates if needed).

In such a way we guarantee that customs clearance, document preparation and delivery won't present you any inconvenience.

Our highly professional experts and extensive regulatory knowledge of customs let us guarantee you an efficient and one-stop solution to all your needs during customs clearance.


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