Foreign trade outsourcing

One of our company activity branches is foreign trade outsourcing. It is a widely used practice to pass technical import functions of international freight to a third party. The reason for this is a possibility to reduce financial, staffing, operational expenses while the quality of a full range of foreign trade services still remains high. An enterprise that decides to contract a qualified and reliable company for foreign trade outsourcing, doesn't need to have in the staff foreign-trade experts, support their competence level and pay for their advanced training, neither it has to manage foreign trade paperwork, track documents flow, look for extra time and money to solve urgent issues.

US Trans experts have proper qualification and real experience that let us provide foreign trade outsourcing services of any difficulty. There is a constant need of tracking new amendments and their application in the paperwork management, because of the constantly changing bureaucratic requirements and legal basis dynamics. Foreign trade outsourcing services present special concern for enterprises dedicated to logistics, transportation and trade branches. In these sectors it is more reasonable to dedicate the resources for company growth and not for particular and often secondary unique business procedures of formal necessity.

Our company is aimed at personalized approach of the business that is why we take into account actual needs of the key public and apply flexible service politics at reasonable rates. Foreign trade outsourcing provided by US Trans is an independent service, but it also forms part of a general package of services.

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