International transportation

International transportation is a special type of transportation services that due to its complexity requires certain competence from the operator. US Trans business priority is international freight consolidation services from Europe, as well as cargoes customs clearance. US Trans is aimed at a long-term collaboration with our clients, and we offer an excellent service quality. Our experts have all the necessary abilities for cargoes transportation, customs clearance and efficient international freight consolidation.

International transportationProcessing the orders, we take into account all requests of our clients.

Air freight is the most efficient and expensive type of international transportation, while ocean freight is characterized by lower costs and longer terms of delivery. As an alternative, US Trans offers clients a combination of air and road freight transportation. For already long time we have been collaborating with a wide range of partner-companies that has a positive influence on the international delivery terms, service quality and costs.

US Trans offers the following services

  • Express consolidated freight transportation. Delivery terms - 2-3 days
  • Paperwork support, customs clearance. The company specialists will prepare documents for customs control procedures in a fast and efficient way.
  • Urgent freight transportation (Eastern and Western Europe). The company's experience lets us process this type of orders on time and without bureaucratic difficulties

Good knowledge of customs control procedures allows us deliver freights without delays. Our experts handle customs clearance in a professional way, following all the necessary requirements.


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